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All images copyright Wyoming Aero Photo LLC/Rita Donham. May not be used without permission.

Peak Lake Cirque,
Wind River Range, 2004

First Snow, Wyoming Range, August 2006

Multiplicity, Gros Ventre
Range, 2006

Black Butte, Game & Fish Dept. Elk Feedground, 2006
Terminal Moraine,
Willow Lake, 2006

Precious or Semi-Precious
Mammoth Glacier Tarn, 2006

Aretes and Cirque, Upper
Fremont Glacier, 2006

Retreating Glaciers, Gannett Peak, 2006

"Headwaters" is a traveling exhibit of aerial photographs currently in Wyoming libraries.
Looking at these images of glaciers, mountains and rivers helps us understand and appreciate
the powerful ancient forces of nature and the fragile current condition of our water
resources and climate. These documentary photographs are a record of the
raw beauty of our Upper Green River Basin.

Geographic changes to the landscape are inevitable, whereas human induced
disruption can be thoughtfully moderated or prevented.

Habitat for people and wildlife is at risk from various forces.
Aerial photos are one method of monitoring our environment.

This collection is dedicated to my father, Richard Sullivan Donham,
who taught and encouraged me to care for our garden.

Rita Donham

South of Sommers Ranch on the Green River, 2007

Evening Meander, Kendall Valley, 2003

Spreading the Water, Cora Valley, 2004

Fragile Water Features, Green River, 2005

The Mesa Meets the Green River, 2007

Storm over Big Sandy River, 2007

Riparian History of the Green River, 2004

Green River Drift above the Circle S, 2005

Kettle Moraine, New Fork Potholes, 2005

Big Sandy River, 2006

Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Southwestern Wyoming, 2007

Dale Jensen's Place, Kendall Valley, 2006

South Cottonwood Creek, Wyoming Range, 2007

Green River at Kendall Bridge, 2006

Cora Valley Hay Meadows, 2003

The Todd Place on the Green River, 2007

Horse Creek Fireline, 2007

Wind River Morning After, Salt Lick Fire, 2007

Gros Ventres and Tetons, 2003

Desert Butte, 2006

Red Desert Shadows, 2003

Barkhan Dune, 2003

Killpecker Dunes, 2005

Bailey Butte, 2003

Moraine Feature, Willow Lake, 2004

Willow Lake, 2004

Twin Creeks, Gros Ventre Range, 2004

Ditch Riders, 2004

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All images copyright Wyoming Aero Photo LLC/Rita Donham. May not be used without permission.